Self Ballast Induction Light

An Induction Lamp is similar to a fluorescent lamp in that mercury in a gas fill inside the bulb is excited, emitting UV radiation that in turn is converted into visible white light by the phosphor coating on the bulb.

Induction Lamps differ in that they do not use internal electrodes, but use a high-frequency generator with a power coupler. The generator produces a radio frequency magnetic field to excite the gas fill.

With no electrodes, the lamp lasts longer – in fact, up to 100,000 hours, with the lamp producing 70% of its original light output at 60,000 hours

In other words, their rated life is 5-7 times longer than metal halide (7,500 to 20,000 hours at 10 hours/start) and about seven times longer than T12HO fluorescent (at 10 hours/start) .

Induction lighting offer reduced costs and a better quality of light

Photopic Vision is the scientific term for human color vision under normal conditions during the day (i.e. human perception of red, green and blue that the brain integrates to form full color images of the world around us.)

Scotopic Vision is the scientific term for human visual perception in low light (night vision).

Mesopic Vision is the scientific term for the combination between Photopic and Scotopic vision taking into account the total sensitivity of the rod cells in the eye for the blue range, with the color perception of the cone cells.

The ratio of Photopic light vs. Scotopic light in a lamp is called the S/P ratio. This ratio determines the apparent visual brightness of a light source. This is why the 200w lamp will appear as bright or brighter to the human eye than a sodium vapor or metal halide of twice the wattage.

Induction Lamps S/P ratio compared to other common industrial lamps is the proof of the most efficient and better quality with the induction lights and their ability to produce acceptable light.

induction lighting offer reduced costs and a better quality of light.

Long lifespan due to the lack of electrodes – Strictly speaking almost indefinite on the lamp itself but between 25,000 and 100,000 hours depending on lamp model and quality of electronics used;

Very high energy conversion efficiency of between 62 and 90 Lumens/Watt [higher power lamps are more energy efficient];

High power factor due to the low loss of the high frequency electronic ballasts which are typically between 95% and 98% efficient;

Minimal Lumen depreciation (declining light output with age) compared to other lamp types as filament evaporation and depletion is absent;

Instant-on" and hot re-strike, unlike most HID lamps used in commercial-industrial lighting applications (such as mercury-vapor lamp, sodium-vapor lamp and metal halide lamp);

Environmentally friendly as induction lamps use less energy, and use less mercury per hour of operation than conventional lighting due to their long lifespan. The mercury is in a solid form and can be easily recovered if the lamp is broken, or for recycling at end-of-life.

These benefits offer considerable cost savings of between 35% and 55% in energy and maintenance costs for induction lamps compared to other types of commercial and industrial lamps which they replace.

What is Induction Lighting?



light source parameters comparison

Report of lamp

Non-polar lamplight failure test report

That decline by light in use curve after 2000 hours electrodeless lamp illumination,; 2million can be and high-efficiency 400W high-pressure sodium lamp and high-efficiency 400W metal halide lamp quite, use the time longer, electrodeless lamp illume effect more apparent advantages.

light distribution

Electrodeless lamp lamp spectrum distribution







The concept:
Ming visual - > 3cd/brightness ㎡, equivalent to daytime or bright indoor
Dark vision - brightness < 0.01 CD / ㎡, equivalent to the evening the dark
Visual -- among the 0.01 CD / ㎡ brightness 3cd / ㎡ - between road lighting and residential areas, equivalent to light and shade of lighting
Visual environment for middle road conditions, the spectrum curve analysis, high-pressure sodium lamp only in Ming visual environment there is the higher spectrum Ming quantity, among visual abate, and next energy obviously both higher Ming electrodeless lamp spectrum power and high visual among visual spectrum energy, can use the low power electrodeless lamp replace high power high-pressure sodium lamp applied in road lighting environment. And quality full spectrum energy output, help to improve road lighting effect.