Electronic Ballast


Full range of voltage 90-305V,provide stable power out put, without interfer of the power wave.
Patent shell design , heat radiation perform good , low temperature of the body to ensure the life of ballast
Different power with same size of ballast
Direct current 12/24 V ballast, the best solution for lighting of solar energy
5000 times open and clost test, without influence of life-span and stability
Special design of cmos chip ,0.1 microsecond instant on. Working normally at -35C.
Low content of magnetic wave and exceed the national standard of C.

●0.1 microsecond instant start on , re-start less than 2 seconds by the rating voltage Power of circuitry: ballast working with induction fluorescent lamp under rating voltage and rating frequency
●Power of circuitry no more than 110% of standard value
●Power element: below 40W 0.9 ; above 0.99 80W-400W
●Current of power supply : The current of power supply not exceed the 10% of standard
●Power supply current wave form: The harmonic wave of ballast power supply accord with the request of the GB 17625.1C equipment
●Lamp current: The current that the ballast supplied to induction lamp at the rating voltage should not great than 1.1 times standard
●Ware shape of lamp current: lamp current comparison of lamp peak value and virtual value less than 1.8
Power of lamp : the ballast will limit the power supplied to lamp
●a)ballast and induction fluorescent working at the rating voltage , the power difference that
provided to the lamp less than 10% of rated power .
●b) The ballast will stable the power of lamp when Voltage 90%-110%
●Magnetism shield :
● Magnetic signal can be shielded effectively by ballast in order to prevent the effect of matel magnetic material.
●Electronic ballast controlled by IC CMOS chip:Maxmum voltage 450 V, Max Temp 105 C,

Electronic Ballast for Induction Lighting Generator