EAN: 940540

Induction Lamp(Rectangle)LUXFX

Application place: Road, tunnel, Shopping mall, super market, hotel, office ,conference room, Department store, solar lighting system.
Power : 40W ,60W , 80W 120W,150W,200W, 250W, 300W.400W.
AC 90-305V, DC 12v/24V

●Rectangle shape, better horizontal light distribution.
●Wide lighting surface area, comfortable light.
●Special magnetic hoop structure, effectively avoid magnetic leakage and magnetic core power loss, perfect heat dissipation ability.
●Special ferrite magnetic core, maintain the magnetic core inductance stable in wide temperature range; unique B-H curve, reduce the magnetic hysteresis loss and magnetic core loss.
●Amalgam inside, less pollution, eco-friendly.
● Special amalgam, instant-start and stable light output in the wide range of temperature. With special technology, faster power start.
● Self-developed inert gas formula, ensure the consistency of light efficiency and power. Full range of color temperature, a variety of power options.
●Customized lamp wattage.

Induction Lamp Rectangular Shape