EAN: 940540

Self Ballasted Induction Ring type

Power: 40W/50W
Voltage(v): 220V/90V-305V/12V/24V
mains frequency: 230K
Working temperature: --35"C-+50"C


• Self ballasted design, low power (40w, 50W).
• E 26-27/E40 bulb holder ,easy to install.
• Suitable for home, supermarket, hotel and solar energy lighting environment.
• No electrodes filaments.
• directly current 12 V /24 V is the most suitable light source for solar lighting system.
• Special mushroom shape, 360 degree of light radiation.
• The surface is more than the same power of lamp source, so the light is soft.
• Compact self ballast can match different type of lamp source.
• screw type of lamp holder, easily replace other compact lamp source.
• solid type mercury , green and safe.
• -35 C instant start, can open and close frequently.
• You can instantly start: Start the millisecond speed.
• Wide voltage( 120-277 ).
• Available color temperatures:2100k- 6500K .

Self Ballasted Induction Light Round Type